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Dorfromantik: Das Brettspiel (Dorfromantik: The Board Game)

Michael Palm und Lukas Zach | Spiel des Jahres | 2023

When one game ends, the next one begins. “Dorfromantik” always starts from square one but grows every time you play. Using tiles showing forests, fields and villages, players work together to build a landscape. Why? Well, because it looks nice. But more importantly because it will …

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Randy Flynn | Spiel des Jahres | 2022

Around the border between Canada and the Northwest USA you can find the region of ‘Cascadia’, famous for the extraordinary diversity of its plant and animal life. In the tile-laying game of the same name, up to four nature-lovers compete to create a habitat rich in …

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Next Station London

Matthew Dunstan | Nominated for Spiel des Jahres | 2023

There’s just one thing you’ll need to reach your next stop in “Next Station London” and that’s the whole underground network! Players will use four coloured pencils to connect stops on their map sheets, rebuilding the London underground. Each round, a new card determines which type …

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Kei Kajino | Nominated for Spiel des Jahres | 2022

You can well imagine that even in the colourful world of the circus there’s fierce competition for the best talent. That’s certainly the case in this card game, where we take on the role of talent scouts, looking to pinch the best performers from our opponents …

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Fun Facts

Kasper Lapp | Nominated for Spiel des Jahres | 2023

This co-operative party game is a guaranteed icebreaker. It’s a real conversation starter with almost no rules. Players each have to answer eight questions about themselves – ‘how many times have you moved house’ or ‘how much do you like animals on a scale of 0 …

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Top Ten

Aurélien Picolet | Nominated for Spiel des Jahres | 2022

On a scale of 1 to 10: how useful would gold-plated barbecue tongs be in a shipwreck? These are the absurd scenarios players are asked to contemplate in the creative party game “Top Ten.” To help guide you, all players each receive a secret number card …

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Jules Messaud | Recommendation list Spiel des Jahres | 2023

An acropolis is the highest area of an ancient city. So obviously, playing “Akropolis” you can stack your puzzle tiles on top of one another and not just lay them side by side. The higher the stack, the more points it is worth. But only if …

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7 Wonders: Architects

Antoine Bauza | Recommendation list Spiel des Jahres | 2022

The seven wonders of the ancient world stand at the heart of “7 Wonders: Architects”. Up to seven players will each manage the construction of one of these projects. Although it’s not strictly historically accurate, they all do so at the same time. There’s stiff competition …

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Marcus Carleson | Recommendation list Spiel des Jahres | 2023

What’s better than listening to music? Obviously listening to music and making a game out of it! In “Hitster” you are attempting to guess when songs were released. This app-based game uses the music streaming service Spotify to play a hit. The songs can come from …

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