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Just One

Ludovic Roudy and Bruno Sautter | Spiel des Jahres | 2019

“Box”, “dice”, “play”, “fun”. What could these words possibly be describing? Easy: a board game! In the co-operative game Just One, one player has to guess a word. The clues aren’t provided by the game but by the rest of the players. Without discussing it with …

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Tal der Wikinger

Wilfried and Marie Fort | Kinderspiel des Jahres | 2019

When the barrels start rolling in the village of the Norsemen, all the Vikings want to be involved, big and small. Outside the village the longboats are ready for the booty to be loaded on board. In the middle of the village the barrels are waiting. …

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Elizabeth Hargrave | Kennerspiel des Jahres | 2019

Over 900 species of birds are native to North America and just under a fifth of these take flight in designer Elizabeth Hargrave’s optimisation game Wingspan; from the red-bellied woodpecker to the purple gallinule. Attracting a bird to your aviary means you can play the corresponding …

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Ted Alspach | Nominated for "Spiel des Jahres" | 2019

What’s the secret word that will allow the villagers to chase away the werewolves from their village? The mayor knows it. Everyone else has to ask him yes or no questions: “Can you eat it?” or “Can you buy it?” Players only have a few minutes …

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Reiner Knizia | Nominated for "Spiel des Jahres" | 2019

Everyone likes llamas! In the speedy card game Lama, the llama isn’t just the mascot for the game but also provides the German acronym “Lege alle Minuspunkte ab” (something like “Leave All your Minus points Aside”). Behind this slogan lies a simple principle for how to …

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Marco Teubner | Nominated for "Kinderspiel des Jahres" | 2019

Welcome to Fabulantica, the land of fairytales, where Puss in Boots, sorcerers’ apprentices, witches and djinns will say hello. Players have come to this magical realm for a family reunion. Your mission: search for the characters depicted on the cards around the edge of the game …

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Go Gecko Go!

Jürgen Adams | Nominated for "Kinderspiel des Jahres" | 2019

So near and yet so far! Gecko, Frog, Turtle and Crocodile are getting ready for an exciting race along the river. Which group of friends will surf to victory over the leaves and be the first to land on the tree trunk steps? Bold tactics and …

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Carpe Diem

Stefan Feld | Nominated for "Kennerspiel des Jahres" | 2019

We are developing city districts in ancient Rome, creating farmed landscapes and buildings which produce wares or enable other advancements. How you organise your own buildings on your own district map is determined by your own individual requirements. The availability of building tiles, however, is limited …

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Ignacy Trzewiczek, Przemysław Rymer, Jakub Łapot | Nominated for "Kennerspiel des Jahres" | 2019

A golden watch, looted in Poland during the Second World War, appears over 70 years later in an American auction house. The players, as detectives from the newly-founded Antares Investigation Agency, have to work together to find out how this has happened. But that’s just the …

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