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Randy Flynn | Spiel des Jahres | 2022

Around the border between Canada and the Northwest USA you can find the region of ‘Cascadia’, famous for the extraordinary diversity of its plant and animal life. In the tile-laying game of the same name, up to four nature-lovers compete to create a habitat rich in …

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Kei Kajino | Nominated for Spiel des Jahres | 2022

You can well imagine that even in the colourful world of the circus there’s fierce competition for the best talent. That’s certainly the case in this card game, where we take on the role of talent scouts, looking to pinch the best performers from our opponents …

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Top Ten

Aurélien Picolet | Nominated for Spiel des Jahres | 2022

On a scale of 1 to 10: how useful would gold-plated barbecue tongs be in a shipwreck? These are the absurd scenarios players are asked to contemplate in the creative party game “Top Ten.” To help guide you, all players each receive a secret number card …

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7 Wonders: Architects

Antoine Bauza | Recommendation list Spiel des Jahres | 2022

The seven wonders of the ancient world stand at the heart of “7 Wonders: Architects”. Up to seven players will each manage the construction of one of these projects. Although it’s not strictly historically accurate, they all do so at the same time. There’s stiff competition …

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Magic Rabbit

Julie Dutois, Romaric Galonnier, Ludovic Simonet and Cécile Ziégler | Recommendation list Spiel des Jahres | 2022

This classic magician’s trick never fails to delight adults as well as children. “Magic Rabbit” manages to cleverly capture this fascination with the magician’s act. As a group we have to work together to hide nine rabbits underneath nine matching hats. At the beginning of the …

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My Gold Mine

Michael Loth, Christof Schilling and Hans Joachim Höh | Recommendation list Spiel des Jahres | 2022

With great risk comes great reward. That’s the motto of “My Gold Mine”. Players take on the role of brave dwarves, searching for hidden hoards of gold in a dangerous dungeon. Unfortunately the expedition has awoken the resident dragon and they’ve made it mad! Each round …

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Echoes: Die Tänzerin (Echoes: The Dancer)

Matthew Dunstan und Dave Neale | Recommendation list Spiel des Jahres | 2022

It’s thrilling to be able to use objects to listen to the soundscape of days gone by. As an investigator with supernatural abilities it’s our job to do just that in “Echoes: The Dancer”. An app lets us do this: by scanning picture cards showing objects …

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So Kleever! (So clover)

François Romain | Recommendation list Spiel des Jahres | 2022

You have eight square cards, each with four different words, arranged randomly on a plastic four-leaf clover to make four unusual word pairings. You need to come up with an umbrella term that connects these pairs, without using translations, abbreviations or parts of the words. So …

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Trek 12: Himalaja

Bruno Cathala and Corentin Lebrat | Recommendation list Spiel des Jahres | 2022

The Himalaya mountain range forms the unusual backdrop to this clever and tactical dice game, with famous locations such as Sarangkot serving as score sheets with various degrees of difficulty. Each round, players must roll two dice showing results between 0 and 6 and make a …

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