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Next Station London

Next Station London

There’s just one thing you’ll need to reach your next stop in “Next Station London” and that’s the whole underground network! Players will use four coloured pencils to connect stops on their map sheets, rebuilding the London underground. Each round, a new card determines which type of station can be connected. Bonus cards allow branching lines or act as a joker. You’re faced with a real dilemma: on the one hand you want to expand as quickly as possible but, on the other, you don’t want to get forced into dead ends. Lines are never allowed to cross, so you need to be flexible enough to reach any of the possible symbols. As we’re in London, there are bonus points for crossing the Thames and for linking tourist attractions. A colourful city break that rings true with the British motto: keep calm and carry on.


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Planning a new tube network offers entertainment and strategic finesse, all in a small package and with a lean set of rules. You get a real sense of pride watching your increasingly colourful creation growing on the notepad in front of you. It’s a peaceful co-existence, where no-one can disrupt your efforts and everyone is responsible for their own risk management. The learning curve grows with every game you play and encourages you to try and do even better next time.