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Dorfromantik: Das Brettspiel (Dorfromantik: The Board Game)

Dorfromantik: Das Brettspiel (Dorfromantik: The Board Game)

When one game ends, the next one begins. “Dorfromantik” always starts from square one but grows every time you play. Using tiles showing forests, fields and villages, players work together to build a landscape. Why? Well, because it looks nice. But more importantly because it will help you score points. To do that, you will need to complete objectives, like connecting four forest pieces together or extending the river to six tiles. Depending on how well you do, you’ll unlock more equipment ready for your next game, such as more tiles to make an even bigger landscape and additional objectives, which gradually make things trickier. Soon you will need to find somewhere to host shepherdesses and signalmen and cleverly find space for a circus and a harbour. The game’s challenges increase at the same rate as your abilities to deal with them.


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“Dorfromantik” takes the pressure out of everyday life. This co-operative, feel-good game presents new and exciting goals each time you play but there’s no danger of losing. Easily solved objectives are slowly replaced by trickier ones but nothing takes you out of your comfort zone. Working as a group to solve a puzzle means that everyone gets a chance to come up with the best idea. The campaign encourages you to play another game – and you can find new players in the time it takes to explain the rules.