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Auch schon clever (Ganz schön clever Kids)

Wolfgang Warsch | Nominated for Kinderspiel des Jahres | 2022

A children’s birthday party needs balloons, a wooden train with candles on top, presents and cakes. Players will need to roll these up on the dice and mark off each of them on their own score sheets. Some things need to be crossed off in a …

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Mit Quacks & Co. nach Quedlinburg (Quacks & Co. Quedlinburg Dash)

Wolfgang Warsch | Nominated for Kinderspiel des Jahres | 2022

Apples, corn and berries will get Quacks the donkey and his friends’ motors running. These are the stars of the wild race game “Quacks & Co.”, the child-friendly reimplementation of “The Quacks of Quedlinburg”, which won the Kennerspiel des Jahres award in 2018. Like its big …

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Zauberberg (Magic Mountain)

Jens-Peter Schliemann and Bernhard Weber | Kinderspiel des Jahres | 2022

When the wizard Balduin calls, the sorcerers apprentices rush to him. But it’s a long way down the mountain. Luckily, players can use the will-o’-the-wisp marbles to help the apprentices down the marble-run course, as long as the marbles actually hit them. Because once it has …

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Fröschis (Froggies)

Haim Shafir | Recommendation list Kinderspiel des Jahres | 2022

Who would have thought that frogs (or Fröschis) were so neat and tidy? The numbers in their pond (yes, really) have to be put into order and players need to help the frogs do so. At the beginning of the game there are eight face-down cards …

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Golden Ei

Oliver Igelhaut | Recommendation list Kinderspiel des Jahres | 2022

The Golden Ei has nothing to do with James Bond! It’s the name of the inn (the Golden Egg), the little band of bunnies are trying to reach to raise the alarm. A fox is on the bunnies’ trail in this co-operative race game. A series …

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Anna Oppolzer and Stefan Kloß | Recommendation list Kinderspiel des Jahres | 2022

As a bee, do you head for a flower with no pollen? Of course you don’t. You want to get as much as possible out of the colourful plant, to fill up the jar of honey with pollen chips as quickly as possible and win the …

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Villa der Vampire

Guido Hoffmann and Jens-Peter Schliemann | Recommendation list Kinderspiel des Jahres | 2022

It’s time for the vampire party. But what’s that? The vampires are still asleep! Only one thing can help – a bit of garlic in their graves to wake them up. Players can use vampire bats like hockey sticks, to try and get the cloves of …

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Hal Duncan and Ruth Veevers | Nominated for Kennerspiel des Jahres | 2022

The science of cryptozoology concerns mythical beasts such as the yeti, the Loch Ness monster or the wendigo. Even “Cryptid” doesn’t allow us to come face to face with these legendary creatures but at least we get a little closer to their home turf. The search …

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Dune: Imperium

Paul Dennen | Nominated for Kennerspiel des Jahres | 2022

Based on the world-famous series of novels by Frank Herbert and visually inspired by the recent film adaptation from Denis Villeneuve, “Dune: Imperium” transports players to the desert planet Arrakis. Once there, they have to make the most efficient use possible of the valuable Spice and …

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