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Living Forest

Aske Christiansen | Kennerspiel des Jahres | 2022

The forest is on fire. In the game “Living Forest”, as in reality, this is a threat to us all. That’s why players are all working together, to a certain extent, to try and contain the rising danger. Players work to douse the flames, plant new …

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Arche Nova (Ark Nova)

Mathias Wigge | Recommendation list Kennerspiel des Jahres | 2022

Modern zoos no longer prioritise their human visitors but rather focus mainly on animal welfare and sustainability. “Ark Nova” allows us to set up and manage a wildlife park based on our own ideas and values. Alongside animal breeding programmes, the construction of enclosures on park …

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Head Quarter Simulation Game Club | Recommendation list Kennerspiel des Jahres | 2022

Olympia vs. Sparta, Corinth vs. Thebes: In “Khôra: Rise of an Empire”, seven ancient city states go head to head in military and cultural competition. In the struggle for power and glory, each nation has its own individual strengths that need to be used skilfully. What’s …

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Reiner Knizia and Martino Chiacchiera | Recommendation list Kennerspiel des Jahres | 2022

Not a lot of people know that witches and warlocks can lose their supernatural powers. In “Witchstone”, players have to try and stop this by proving their abilities in various magical disciplines, renewing the energy field of the legendary Witschstone. Players compete to make the best …

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Die Abenteuer des Robin Hood (The Adventures of Robin Hood)

Michael Menzel | Nominated for Spiel des Jahres | 2021

In “The Adventures of Robin Hood” we get to experience the well-known stories from the other side, literally. A companion book leads us through a total of seven chapters of co-operative adventures in Sherwood Forest. The game board looks like an advent calendar, with numbered tiles …

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MicroMacro: Crime City

Johannes Sich | Spiel des Jahres | 2021

Happy people sitting in cafés. Children wanting an ice cream from the market stall. Art lovers at a gallery opening. But with our trained detective’s eye we can see through the supposed harmony of Crime City’s inhabitants. There are over a dozen murder and crime cases …

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Zombie Teenz Evolution

Annick Lobet | Nominated for Spiel des Jahres | 2021

In this game’s predecessor, “Zombie Kidz Evolution”, we already managed to save the school. Now the whole town is under threat. The children have become young teenagers but they’re not done with their mission to hold back the forces of the undead. In the four corners …

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Biss 20

Lena Burkhardt and Günter Burkhardt | Recommendation list Spiel des Jahres | 2021

Of course, everyone can count. But it’s difficult to say where exactly the difficulty lies in this game. That’s because after every successful round, another number between 1 and 20 is linked to a new task card. In every subsequent round, the number is replaced by …

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Luka Krleža | Recommendation list Spiel des Jahres | 2021

In traditional Indian teachings, the seven energy centres that link the physical body with the astral form are known as chakras. These chakras are depicted on players’ tableaus as coloured circles, each with three spaces. Competing against their opponents, players must fill these spaces with energy …

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