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Carla Caramel

There’s a lot happening at Carla Caramel’s ice cream stand. So it’s lucky that the players are here to help her serve the customers. Players work together to fill the cones with scoops of delicious ice cream. But the clock is ticking. As soon as you’ve …

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Zoo Run

Out of the zoo and onto the racetrack. Thanks to its variable game board, “Zoo Run” is two races in one. In the co-operative variant, up to four older children work together to help the animals escape before the keeper notices anything. Then in the competition …

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SOS Dino

Panic in the land of the dinosaurs: all four volcanoes are erupting at once and lava is coursing their way. The mini-saurs Marie, Freddy, Nessie and Louis must flee quickly into the mountains and save a few dino-eggs on the way. Luck and reasoning are needed …

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