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Carla Caramel

Carla Caramel

There’s a lot happening at Carla Caramel’s ice cream stand. So it’s lucky that the players are here to help her serve the customers. Players work together to fill the cones with scoops of delicious ice cream. But the clock is ticking. As soon as you’ve filled the cone, you need to deliver it to the kids waiting patiently in line. If only the dice would co-operate. And the sun is just waiting to melt your carefully created ice cream. Maybe it’s better to serve an incomplete cone, even if it gives you fewer points? It’s these little tactical decisions along with the growing sense of excitement and the highly thematic design, which make “Carla Caramel” an attractive and welcoming co-operative gaming experience.


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Looking at Carla Caramel’s magnificent ice cream stand, children will immediately slip into the role of ice cream sellers. A simple dice mechanic brings the stand to life with the scoops of ice cream flying into their cones. Players decide together which cone should receive the ice cream and when is the right time to serve it. With an exciting combination of risk and tactics, “Carla Caramel” will immediately appeal to children.