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T.I.M.E Stories

Wanted: time travel agent. Who hasn’t wanted to travel into the past and have a quiet look around? Unfortunately that’s not on the cards here: as T.I.M.E. Agency specialists, players are tasked with keeping order in the fabric of time, by eliminating outside disruptions and dangers. …

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Welcome to mythic Greece. As demigods, the players try to collect allies of different families of gods over five epochs and transfer them to their Elysium. To gain a card from the centre of the board and then use its power, players must have an equal …

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As a merchant with a penchant for gems, the players in “Splendor” have joined the precious stone business. You’ll purchase mines, establish transport routes, employ skillful polishers and open jewellery boutiques in the shopping alleys of the Renaissance. And by positioning yourself particularly cleverly, you can …

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