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What’s better than listening to music? Obviously listening to music and making a game out of it! In “Hitster” you are attempting to guess when songs were released. This app-based game uses the music streaming service Spotify to play a hit. The songs can come from …

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A golden watch, looted in Poland during the Second World War, appears over 70 years later in an American auction house. The players, as detectives from the newly-founded Antares Investigation Agency, have to work together to find out how this has happened. But that’s just the …

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Life Style

LIFE STYLE beeindruckt sofort. Der fast 2,5 kg schwere, große Karton enthält eine Fülle erstklassig gestalteten Materials. Die Spielsteine und verschiedenen massiven Chips sehen so gut aus und liegen so angenehm in der Hand, dass man schnell das Wort „Plastik“ aus dem Sprachschatz verbannt. Der Spielplan …

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