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Nominated for Spiel des Jahres 2020 My City by Reiner Knizia Kosmos Illustration: Michael Menzel An innovative city puzzle for 2 to 4 players aged 10 and up Nova Luna by Uwe Rosenberg and Corné van Moorsel Edition Spielwiese, Pegasus Spiele and Stronghold Games Illustration: Lukas …

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The idea

“Spielend für Toleranz” – or Playing for Tolerance – is an initiative which has been attracting more and more attention. The “Spiel des Jahres” association supports this initiative and represents the ideals of our open and philanthropic society. Playing games brings us together, it doesn’t divide …

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My City

In “My City” players will be building cities and – as you can guess from the title – each will build their own. Everyone gets a personal landscape board and a supply of building tiles in different colours and shapes. A deck of cards determines the …

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