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Zombie Teenz Evolution

In this game’s predecessor, “Zombie Kidz Evolution”, we already managed to save the school. Now the whole town is under threat. The children have become young teenagers but they’re not done with their mission to hold back the forces of the undead. In the four corners …

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Mia London

Villains, rogues, evildoers! There’s been another criminal at work! There are a possible 625 bad guys in this game and each of them is wearing a hat, glasses, a moustache and a bowtie. But what and what type? That’s what children need to gradually work out …

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Zombie Kidz Evolution

Lifeless figures shuffle through the school; they are hungry but otherwise have very little motivation. The zombies are here and that’s not great for the school kids. Here are the rules according to the handbook for trainee zombie hunters: Roll the colour dice and add new …

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