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Color Brain (Colour Brain)

What colour is a giraffe’s tongue? What do taxis look like in London, New York and Paris? “Color Brain” (“Colour Brain”) is a quiz game with a simple twist: every question can be answered with colours. Each team has an identical set of eleven colour cards. …

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Concept Kids – Tiere

Moo – Meow – Baa! Cow – Cat – Sheep! It’s easy to recognise animals from the kind of noise they make. But what if you had to guess an animal just from its different characteristics – whether it’s big or small, where it lives and …

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Sag’s mir! Junior

20 cards with 20 illustrations and two rounds in which to convey the related concepts to your teammates, all against the clock. That’s the core of “Sag’s mir! Junior.” An adult player starts: drawing 20 of the game’s 220 cards, turning the sand timer over and …

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