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Große kleine Edelsteine

Große kleine Edelsteine

Big gems, small gems, lots of slightly differently sized gems in all shapes and colours: that’s what this game is all about. You are trying to find the gems that have fallen out of the goblin king’s crown. The tricky part is that you can’t see the colours, as the 81 different gem tiles are all face down. You and the king’s other worthy subjects now have to find the right ones.

Exactly which gems you are looking for is determined by three cards in each of the game’s six rounds. All the children search at the same time. Whoever picks the right gem gets to keep the card. And anyone who was at least close gets a magnifying glass token. Three of these can get you an extra card, which means you’ll never feel too frustrated if you just miss out and it means you’ll want to win even more next round.

The player who has collected the most stars on their cards after six rounds is the winner – and everyone will want to play again.


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Jury statement 

Discovering shapes and sorting sizes is a classic childhood activity. Wolfgang Warsch brings it to perfection. From start to finish, from the variety of shapes to the points system, ‘Große kleine Edelsteine’ is very well thought out. Children throw themselves into this little gem of a game with enthusiasm and concentration. It’s calming, helps to sharpen the eye and weaves a spell around the table. This is real craftsmanship.