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Captain Flip

Captain Flip

Am I happy with what I’ve got or do I risk it for the possibility of something better? Captain Flip turns this fundamental question of human existence into a fantastically simple game mechanic, giving each turn its own narrative arc. On your turn, you draw a tile out of the bag but you can only look at one side. You must decide whether to add this character to your crew or flip the tile. Once you’ve flipped, there’s no going back and your opponents will find it hilarious if it turns out you made the wrong choice. This lively pirate game offers four different game boards and some neat combinations between the various tiles – you’ll need to work out how to fit them together to bring home the most booty. As soon as four of the five columns are full it’s game over – and the richest player wins.


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This easily accessible tile-laying game offers simple decisions that will engage everyone. The light ruleset creates a gripping gaming experience that stays exciting right until the very end. The tide can change very quickly and if you push your luck early on, you might be paying for it later. But that’s no big deal. The short playing time means that players will usually agree to your requests for a rematch.