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Michaela Poignée

Michaela Poignée

Born in 1975 and raised in Probstei, Michaela now lives in Bovenau near Rendsburg with her husband and two children.

She works at a Sparkasse in the field of credit risk management. Even in her childhood, people played in the family circle. This passion was then rediscovered years later. Since 2009, she has been part of the „Spiele-Podcast“, where she regularly discusses games together with her husband and a couple of friends.

In 2017, Poignée and her husband also went on air on the YouTube channel “Die Brettspielester” (The Board Game Testers). Since then, numerous rule videos, reviews and reports on the topic of board games have been created there.

Ahornallee 44, D-24796 Bovenau
+49 160 8272756