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Taco Katze Pizza Junior (Taco Kitten Pizza)

Taco Katze Pizza Junior (Taco Kitten Pizza)

Can you really see into the future? Can you predict which card will be next out of your own deck? You have a choice of taco, cat or pizza! If you’re right you get another turn, which is a good thing, since you need to be the first player to get rid of all your cards in order to win the game. Each card brings excitement and even if you’re wrong, a piece of candy can always help you to go out of turn. In ‘Taco Cat Pizza Junior’ everyone needs to pay attention and be alert! There’s a tense and focused silence at the table which you don’t usually find in children’s games and which is even more unusual for a game that works for children aged 4 and up. But adults will want to play ‘Taco Cat Pizza Junior’ too: who doesn’t like the feeling of being able to predict the future?


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Achieving a lot with very little: this is generally something only card games can do really well. ’Taco Cat Pizza Junior’ is a perfect example of how to cram a small box to bursting point with a range of emotions. You really do have to concentrate the whole time otherwise you’ll miss the chance to take a turn out of order. Everyone stares, fixated on the next card, everyone holds their breath, there’s electricity in the air… and all this with only 42 cards. Brilliant!