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Räuber der Nordsee

Räuber der Nordsee

As warriors in the age of Vikings, the players try and impress their chieftain. They get a team of fellow warriors together, arm them and collect provisions to prepare for a sea voyage into the north. For rich plunder waits in the settlements, monasteries and fortresses of the north coast. Naturally, a fortress will be more difficult to raid than a village and of course, not all warriors will return home from such a journey. Fallen heroes are led to Valhalla by the Valkyries, bringing valuable victory points, alongside those gained for gold and other plunder. What is most impressive about “Räuber der Nordsee” is its clever worker placement system, where only certain figures may occupy each action space.

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Begründung der Jury
Savage warriors, rich plunder and eternal glory in Valhalla: “Räuber der Nordsee” transports the player into the harsh world of the Norsemen in all its facets. The particularly sophisticated game mechanics revolve around the placement of differently coloured Viking figures. Truly fearsome! This first-class worker placement system gives you quick and entertaining games. You’ll also need a great sense of logistical planning and timing, whether taking actions at home in the Viking village or out plundering across the water.