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Planet Unknown

Planet Unknown

We only have one planet. That is to say: one per player. You are trying to develop the planet by placing Tetris-like segments onto its surface. These pieces are selected each round from a rotating supply – the player whose turn it is picks a sector and the other players have to use whatever ends up in front of them.

The two terrain types on each tile allow you to move your marker up the relevant scoring track. You want to have everything: more population, quicker rovers and better technology. If you plan carefully, you can set off chain reactions and completely fill the planet’s surface, scoring points for completed rows and columns. The combination of jigsaw puzzle, tactical considerations and a little bit of luck can be adjusted with the asymmetric complexity modes. This means planetary novices can easily compete with experienced terraformers.


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Jury statement

Just looking at “Planet Unknown” makes you want to get involved. The rotating resource supply promises the game will be a lot of fun – and it delivers on that promise. The planetary jigsaw puzzle works just as well with two players as with six, as all players take their turns at the same time. The unique combination of placing tiles and taking actions feels rewarding. The modular setup offers an elegant way to scale challenges for beginners as well as experienced players.