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Mysterium Kids

Mysterium Kids

On the hunt for Captain Echo’s treasure, the children have run into a problem: the friendly old ghost wants to help you but he can unfortunately only communicate by tambourine. Thus begins a fun and exciting party game for children in which they take turns to imitate noises of certain objects with the help of the instrument. A mighty crash for the cannonball, a soft scratch for the cat’s claws or a gentle stroke for the rolling pin. Both ghost and listeners will need some creativity, so that players can successfully decode the message. An exciting co-operative challenge that also works brilliantly across age groups.


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Jury Statement

Children will be immediately fascinated by the tambourine and – combined with the challenge of creating the right noises and careful listening – a unique atmosphere is created. If players can co-operate and successfully identify which object they are looking for, they are rewarded with a huge sense of joy and achievement. The exciting tasks and unique components make “Mysterium Kids” a real success.