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Cool as ice, these penguin truants skip class and wander the school corridors in search of a snack. The “Ice School” consists of five boxes, joined together to make a large, square playing area. Each player has to try and flick their coloured figure with as much skill as possible, trying to get them through the school doors with one of their fish over the doorway. If you manage this, you get the fish and a card with a number of victory points. But be careful! One of the players is the hall monitor, trying to catch the other players’ figures with their penguin. They can cash in hall passes at the end of the round for victory points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins this slick dexterity game, where – with a bit of practice – you can even send penguins flying over the school walls!

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Jury statement
Whoever said that school was uncool? School is cool – ice cool. Once the arena is built, children of all ages can’t stop themselves from sending their penguins skittering over the ice. There is a big learning curve; with practice you can do some amazing tricks. Everything works here: Brian Gomez combines an original game story, an impressive layout, lovingly detailed illustration and the demanding learning experience of the perfect dexterity game.