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The dragon children have stumbled across a hoard of brightly-coloured sparkling jewels. But these are frozen solid in a thick column of ice. Luckily, Dragon Dad has come along and can use his fiery breath to melt the ice so that the children can collect the sparkling jewels. Players stack the nine plastic rings into a column and fill it up to the top with the colourful jewels. At the start of each round, each player chooses a colour of jewel tile. The start player carefully removes the top ring and everyone collects the jewels in their colour that have tumbled out of the ice. The end of this unusual collection game occurs once the last ice ring is taken off the board and the winner is the player who uses their dexterity, as well as a little tactics and luck, to collect the most jewels.

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Jury statement
This Dragon Dad doesn’t just melt ice but also children’s hearts. The whole family will go wild for this game. A father-daughter team, designers Lena and Günter Burkhardt, combine a child-friendly story, a classic mechanic and fascinating components to create an adventure that will captivate children. A cool head, a little bit of luck and a touch of dexterity are needed in evaluating the ice and collecting the jewels. Thanks Dragon Dad.