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EXIT – Das Spiel

EXIT – Das Spiel

The “Exit – The Game” series picks up the premise of the Escape Room, where a group of people try to escape a locked room. Players are working together to solve one puzzle after another, until eventually it’s time to try and overcome the final brain-teaser. The quicker your team is, the more points you’ll score. These challenges – which you can only play once – lead your group into an abandoned cabin, a secret lab or the pharaoh’s tomb. Once there, you’ll need to use your logic and observation skills to interpret cards and a little booklet in order to crack ten very creative puzzles. Thanks to a sophisticated system of cards and a decoder disc, players can check their solutions immediately. Can you make it out, without using any of the game’s helpful hints?

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Captivating! Challenging! Astounding! The perfect game concept and the remarkable quality of the co-operative adventures of the “Exit – The Game” series are so impressive that all three titles in the first run have been spotlighted. The multiply-innovative puzzles make searching for their solutions – which are never trivial and often ingenious – a sheer pleasure. These games are a must for all Escape Room fans and those who would like to be.