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e-Mission (Daybreak)

e-Mission (Daybreak)

Just saving the world – that’s all that’s being asked of you in this co-operative, card-based game. Players take on the role of world powers, each responsible for five important projects aiming to solve climate change as well as the world’s social problems. For example, Europe is working to phase out fossil fuels and the global South is installing early warning systems for disasters, while the USA is establishing climate compensation payments. A wealth of hand cards enables all players to strengthen existing projects or to replace them with new ones, all with the aim of counteracting the effects of global warming, such as the melting ice caps, forest fires and extreme weather. Over a maximum of six rounds, players must reduce the world’s CO₂ emissions sufficiently for us to reach the tipping point in the fight against climate change.


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Jury Statement

Daybreak is brilliantly designed, exciting and educational – and it shows the value of co-operation: if everyone works together, it is still possible to overcome this global crisis. The designer duo have also succeeded in presenting the highly charged and topical issue of climate change without ever pointing an accusing finger. The game’s projects and research ideas are based on real research projects, leading to further discussion and the opportunity for more learning even after the game has ended.