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Der Mysteriöse Wald

Der Mysteriöse Wald

After going through a magical painting, Jonas has entered a mysterious forest full of dangers. If he has packed the right equipment in his backpack he will be able to cross the forest and conquer Draconia, the evil insect queen. To help him, players have to work together to remember different objects depicted on path cards. At the beginning of the round these are briefly revealed then turned face down again. Then you’ll need to roll dice to pack your backpack with the corresponding equipment tokens. Now the journey can begin. The team uncovers the path cards one by one: if you can place the pieces of equipment shown onto each of the cards, then you’ll win this exciting, co-operative memory game. You’ll need team-work and lucky dice rolls as well as a good memory.

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Jury statement
The adventure begins from the moment you open the box. From the very start to the final boss battle, this comic adaptation captures your attention – through its sense of atmosphere, the fantasy story and the impressive artwork. No matter which difficulty level you try, you’ll only be victorious with good luck and good reasoning; the tension is always kept high. The production is up-to-date and the game concept timeless – a test of memory becomes a shared experience.