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“Challengers” creates a real tournament atmosphere: up to eight coaches use decks of cards to build teams and set them against each other in a duel. For each fight, players will switch places around the table to face a new opponent. Defeated cards are sent to the substitutes’ bench but space there is limited. If there’s no space to discard cards or if you’ve run out of cards, you’ll have to admit defeat.

Ahead of the next match you can change and adapt your team strategy by taking on new recruits. Before every round you can add a maximum of two cards but remove as many as you want. Do you want to rely on lots of special effects which improve other cards or stick with a pure demonstration of power with high-numbered cards? The right mix of cards is the key to victory, since once you’ve shuffled your deck the T-Rex, rubber duck and vacuum cleaner are on their own.


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Jury statement

“Challengers” offers a new, fresh concept that turns games night into an exciting and action-packed event, all the way through to the final duel between the two best players. Large groups in particular will enjoy the charged tournament atmosphere, created as players continuously take on new foes and personal rivalries grow. The variety of possible combinations makes this challenge a real pleasure, with a high level of replayability.