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Carla Caramel

There’s a lot happening at Carla Caramel’s ice cream stand. So it’s lucky that the players are here to help her serve the customers. Players work together to fill the cones with scoops of delicious ice cream. But the clock is ticking. As soon as you’ve …

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Gigamon ( Gigamons)

The aim of the game is to summon the mystical Gigamons. With just one look at the colourful creatures, children will immediately want to step into this role. At its heart, “Gigamons” is a memory game. On your turn, you reveal two tiles. The innovative element …

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Mein erstes Abenteuer (My first adventure)

BOOKS 1 TO 7 | Finding the Dragon (Finde deinen Drachen) • The Wreck-It Race (Mit Karacho zum Ziel) • The Egg Snatcher (Fang den Eierdieb) • Journey to the Ochre Land (Reise durch Ockerland) • Discovering Atlantis (Der Schatz von Atlantis) • The Queen of …

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