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Swetlana Zeiser

Swetlana Zeiser

She was born in Kazakhstan in 1988. Growing up in Russia, she moved to Germany when she was 12 years old. She lives with her husband and two children in Niederwinkling (Bavaria). She has been a state-certified educator since 2010 and works in a kindergarten in Schwarzach. She takes care of all groups and especially supports the school beginners.

She only discovered her passion for play later through her job. During her many years of work in a children’s home, she learned to love game nights with various board games. She was always looking for new games, which were enthusiastically accepted by the children and young people. She always found how much fun and joy was created and how different group constellations always came together.

She also brought this passion for games into her own family. At home, both sons ask for board games every day. In addition to her job and her family, she has a fixed game group where everything is played crosswise. Besides board games, Swetlana enjoys reading and being creative.

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