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Panic Mansion

Panic Mansion

Our adventurers find valuable treasure chests in an old mansion. Suddenly the house begins to shake and spooky ghosts, snakes and spiders begin to appear. If the explorers manage to get to one of the many rooms with the chests, then the haunting will stop. Players receive an open box, divided into different rooms but joined by doorways. By skilful shaking and tilting of the box, players attempt to get their adventurer and three treasure chests into the same room as quickly as possible, without any ghosts, spiders or rolling wooden eyeballs that are sliding through the house at the same time. This is a varied, hectic dexterity game for young and old alike.

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Jury statement
It’s so easy to get started. You can understand exactly how it works just by picking up the box and turning it over. Pick it up, shake it around, and shout out. This is the foundation on which the designers Asger Sams Granerud and Daniel Skjold Pedersen have carefully built; with the variants this lively children’s game becomes a challenging family game. This crazy haunted house doesn’t cause fear and terror, just pure gaming enjoyment.