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Not a lot of people know that witches and warlocks can lose their supernatural powers. In “Witchstone”, players have to try and stop this by proving their abilities in various magical disciplines, renewing the energy field of the legendary Witschstone. Players compete to make the best …

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We all know the type: the one clumsy oaf in the action movie who just at the wrong moment runs into something with a huge noise and attracts the monster’s attention. In Clank!, the players are all such clumsy oafs. They venture down into the maze-like …

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Das Grimoire des Wahnsinns

You are magic students at the Elementary College. Your professor has told you about the “Grimoire des Wahnsinns”, a powerful tome of mystical sorcery. He also warned you against ever opening this book. But – magic students being magic students – this is exactly what you …

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